Project Based Learning

New Curriculum


Apart from Japanese skills we also aim to develop individuals who:
・Can work independently and succeed even through failures
・Can work together with others in achieving a common goal
・Are proactive in tackling issues and can formulate solutions to a problem


We have a new generation of diverse and multicultural communities. We are committed to provide a constant and valuable ecosystem filled with opportunities that can be capitalized by people.


To produce proactive IT engineers who can contribute to society. To attain a business-level Japanese language proficiency. To contribute to the development of the region of Okutama through an educational enterprise.

In our opinion, every students have their own way of thinking. They have different perspective in learning and solving things. So if we forced them to learn from a textbook, we are limiting the students mind to explore many other things and limiting their potential also.

  • We do no use text books
  • There are no lessons for memorizing grammar and vocabulary
  • There are no grammar or vocabulary test
  • There are no class examinations

Classroom Atmosphere